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  1. Apollo 13- Disaster In Space

    By the time Apollo 13 lifted off Pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center on April 11th, 1970, a journey to the Moon seemed --- after only two, successful missions ---- almost routine to the general public. The excitement of previous missions, especially that first landing on the Moon in 1969, had actually began to wane. TV audiences worldwide had already started to dwindle from billions to millions. It was 'old hat' to many. Maybe …. too many. Because as anyone knows (or should), space travel is...
  2. The Challenger Disaster January 28, 1986

    It was an unusually frigid morning along the central Florida shores of the Atlantic Ocean when, in the pre-dawn darkness, Francis Scobee, Michael Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnick, Ron McNair, and Greg Jarvis, boarded a NASA bus to thundering applause and made the 3.5 mile ride to launch pad 39-B. Among this group was a 38-year old American high school teacher named Christa McAuliffe, who had been chosen out of 11,000 applicants to be the first Teacher in space, and conduct classroom...
  3. Agreement With Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Committee 2016

    Shannondale and Beyond and the Friends of Shannondale Springs entered into an Agreement with the Jefferson County Historical Landmarks Committee outlining our responsibilities and giving us permission to maintain the areas where the former resort existed. A copy of this License Agreement is attached here.
  4. Winter Skies! By Clear Thunder

    With Winter approaching, professional and amateur astronomers alike in the northern hemisphere look forward to this time of year because of it's excellent stargazing opportunities. The reason is that, as the Earth travels around the sun, it 'wobbles,' which causes the Earth to 'tilt' and thus is responsible for our seasons. That tilt, in the Winter, allows us to look deeper into our own spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, whereas during the summer, the tilt gives us a field of view that...
  5. Easy To Find Map Of The Old Shannondale Springs Resort

    Here is a map of the Old Shannondale Springs. This area is maintained by Friends of Shannondale Springs. Please check out our articles and information about this treasure in our backyard.
  6. Exploring Shannondale Springs With Carl

    View: [MEDIA=youtube]Ck2S5-0jtlw[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i] Part II with Carl View: [MEDIA=youtube]Zpt-JDN8hBk[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i]
  7. Historical Cabins In Shannondale Area

    View: [MEDIA=youtube]Zygd2NLhh-A[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i] A reminder that many came before us in this area. History right here in our neighborhood.
  8. Photos Of The Ferry Landing

    For easy-to-find access of this location in the old Shannondale Springs Resort. The ferry landing where President Madison may have arrived. [URL][/URL]
  9. Hiking Map Of Shannondale Springs

    [URL][/URL] This article provides a quick link to the Shannondale Springs Resort hiking information.
  10. A Tribute To Willis

    A fabulous tribute to our website founder and mountain historian, Willis E. Nowell, from an old friend, Mr Tom McDermott at his Celebration of Life April 1, 2017. View: [MEDIA=youtube]p5iNBmAJMyo[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i]
  11. Willis And His First Tattoo

    One day, Willis decided to get a tattoo. This is the story of that fateful day. What in the world am I thinking? Standing in front of Slowpoke's Tattoo Parlor in Ranson, I asked that question. We'll chalk it up to a mental aberration. Tats, Tats, and more Tats. Should I get a nekkid woman on my chest? Nuh uh, just a few small spots to cover smaller spots that the pretty ladies at the radiation clinic in Winchester already tattooed on my poor bod. Those are the specks they indelibly...
  12. Post 2016 Election Thoughts

    Today, November 9, 2016, reminds me of a day back in late 1970s when I raised chickens, organically for us to eat and some to sell. I had probably 50-75 birds that were nearly ready to take in for processing. I came home from my part-time job at a dentist's office and when I drove in my barnyard, I saw slaughtered chickens and ducks everywhere. They weren't eaten, only killed. The ones that were left were dazed, in shock and never laid an egg again nor could I even begin to think about...