Friends of Shannondale Springs

  1. Agreement With Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Committee 2016

    Shannondale and Beyond and the Friends of Shannondale Springs entered into an Agreement with the Jefferson County Historical Landmarks Committee outlining our responsibilities and giving us permission to maintain the areas where the former resort existed. A copy of this License Agreement is attached here.
  2. Easy To Find Map Of The Old Shannondale Springs Resort

    Here is a map of the Old Shannondale Springs. This area is maintained by Friends of Shannondale Springs. Please check out our articles and information about this treasure in our backyard.
  3. Exploring Shannondale Springs With Carl

    View: [MEDIA=youtube]Ck2S5-0jtlw[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i] Part II with Carl View: [MEDIA=youtube]Zpt-JDN8hBk[/MEDIA] [i][size=2][url=]View:[/url][/size][/i]
  4. Photos Of The Ferry Landing

    For easy-to-find access of this location in the old Shannondale Springs Resort. The ferry landing where President Madison may have arrived. [URL][/URL]
  5. Hiking Map Of Shannondale Springs

    [URL][/URL] This article provides a quick link to the Shannondale Springs Resort hiking information.
  6. Trip To The Springs, Sunday 5/16/2010

    Some results, pics are linked below: Shadowplay reports that the historic area and the path to the that beautiful spot has been mowed and the area is ready for another fun visit on Sunday. We'll meet at the parking lot at the end of Shannondale Springs road at 2PM. It'll be a short visit-for those who can't manage the hike, we're taking a few vehicles back. It'll be a great opportunity to visit with wildflowers in bloom, a beautiful sunny day and mild temperatures. Peeps are welcomed to...
  7. The View From Lover's Leap

    So, I finally was able to coordinate with my friend and arrange a visit to the summit of Lover's Leap. The view was simply breathtaking. The first two images show the panorama of the north side of the horseshoe. The top image of the first set was taken ca 1903 for a brochure promoting the second incarnation of the springs. The bottom was taken earlier this evening. They match up pretty well. As usual click the pics for a larger view. The top image of the second set was the Burton engraving...
  8. Virtual Tour - Shannondale Springs

    The Once World Renown Shannondale Springs A Virtual Tour Howe's 1845 Lithograph of the Springs Follow the link below to a virtual tour of Shannondale Springs. The Jefferson County Museum, Historical Society and the Jefferson County Landmarks Commission were instrumental in providing guidance and information that make this show an exciting adventure. It's the perfect way to visit the Springs before setting out on a journey in real life. ENJOY THE TOUR HERE Who Knew? That there was a...
  9. The Friends Of Shannondale Springs

    Welcome To The Friends Of Shannondale Springsor FOSS (a West Virginia 501c3 nonprofit corporation) FOSS, or The Friends of Shannondale Springs, was born from the idea of Bill Hartgroves, a dedicated and concerned conservationist and citizen, who perceived the need to preserve the historic site of the once world renowned spa and resort. The group was organized in the early 1990's and was comprised of folks with the same ideals as Bill's. The organization was a loose knit crowd of volunteers...
  10. Fossies At Work

    The Work of FOSS' FOSSies The Bathhouse Before in 1995 and After in 1996 For esprit de corps every group needs a name and for FOSS what else could it be other than FOSSies? As we've stated in the brief history, the original FOSSies of the 1990's did the lion's share of the work done at the time this is being written(2009). Our Mission Statement contains many goals and over time we want to met those lofty hopes. You can help by becoming a a member of FOSS. What's necessary? Just say you...
  11. Short History Of The Shannondale Springs

    A Short History of the Shannondale Springs The Horseshoe Bend of the Shenandoah river Long before the white man entered into the scene of Shannondale, the Native Americans had discovered the springs of the area and often used them for medicinal purposes. The main springs were thought to have a mild laxative effect without the sulfrous odor of other commonly known springs. In 1649 King Charles II of England had deeded five million acres lying between the rivers to a group of loyal...
  12. Interesting Links About The Springs

    Links, Links, Links The Horseshoe Bend in the Center Looking South Some Links for your Pleasure: A brief tour of the resort and our restorative efforts-Just click thru the PowerPoint show HERE The definitive history of Shannondale Springs by historian Bill Theriault NEW and REVISED-9/2009 HERE Selected news clippings from newspapers of yesteryear HERE Bill Theriault's application for the Springs inclusion on the National Registry HERE The West Virginia Department of Natural Resourses HERE...