CANKERWORM ACTION PLAN - what YOU can do to help

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    CANKERWORM TANGLEFOOT TRAINING (tree banding) This training will be provided by a Forest Health Specialist with WVDA on 9/20/14 at 10 AM at the MCC. This is a great opportunity for landowners to learn from an expert how to band some of the trees on their property so that we know what we are facing next year in terms of looper/cankerworm/inchworm devastation. It is also an excellent opportunity to obtain information and ask questions of a professional in the field who has a wealth of knowledge about this topic. The best way to know what the looper situation will be like next spring is through tree banding. Even if you didn’t have the problem this year, these pests can spread and you could well have the problem next year. There will be additional information provided at this training, including some informative maps so I encourage everyone to take advantage of it. Please email me at if you plan to attend or simply post on this thread. For background information about the cankerworm problem in Shannondale go HERE!-aka-inchworms-loopers-cankerworms
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