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    General Rules
    We try to maintain an open forum, but to do so we have a few rules. These can be changed at any time, so you are responsible for checking them periodically.

    [1]Respect the admins, moderators and other members. No flaming, racist comments, bashing someone's religion. Discuss content; do not attack the person. No posting of someone else's personal information. No trolling. Do not post simply to rile someone up. Rumors will not be tolerated. Do not spread information about other members, moderators, administrators or sponsors unless you have facts to back it up.

    [2]No pornography. No NSFW conent (not safe/suitable for work - containing graphic or adult imagery, such as might be offensive to employers or co-workers). This includes member names, avatars, signatures, images, and albums. We aim to have a website that is suitable for all ages to view. User albums are intended for photos taken by yourself or close friends only; no reposts of images readily available on the internet - link to them instead of uploading them.

    [3]Use the forum's Search function before posting questions. It's probably already been answered. Post in English only. We cannot moderate posts we cannot read. No double posting. If you need to correct your previous post, edit it.

    [4]No spamming in any form. This includes signatures. No unpaid commercial advertising other than in the Business Classified Section of the Forum.

    [5]Each forum member may have a minimum and maximum of only one account. No account sharing. Admins may have a second account for testing purposes only. And each forum member must maintain their email address. It must be a current, frequently read address.

    [6]Do not abuse forum features such as the "Report a Post" button except to report a clear rules violation. Private Messages (PM) may be sent to site volunteers for help using the forum or member problems, but abusive communications toward site volunteers will not be tolerated.

    [7]No posting of copyrighted material. This includes pictures and files, but equally as important are articles from blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc. Post a link to the article. You may quote brief parts of the article if you comment on it.

    [8]No fundraising or soliciting is allowed. Fundraising and soliciting are both defined as the raising of funds or requesting money on behalf of someone. We understand that tragedy occurs to our friends, and we feel an overwhelming desire to help, but the moderators lack the resources to verify either the need or the ultimate disposition of funds. If you know someone in need or are wondering where to best contribute, refer to Charity Watch or Charity Navigator. Nonmonetary collections for charity or disaster in the form of donations-in-kind, such as food, clothing, household goods and furniture, toys and the like may be requested on the forum (in General Chat) with the approval of the moderators.

    Altering our database & deleting accounts
    Wholesale editing yours or another's posts or other information is a violation. Threads normally lock and archive 90 days after the last response. We want to encourage members to post new threads instead of digging open old wounds. Petitions for editing of archived posts or for account deletions may be made to one of the Administrators whose emails are listed above (Complaint Department). Each request will be handled as soon as possible.

    To summarize: Never post anything to the internet that you don't want read by everyone you know (and everyone you don't). Put your brain in gear *before* you post. Don't say it if you don't mean it. If you're joking, use smilies liberally.

    The opinions expressed by forum staff and volunteers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Shannondale & Beyond, Inc.

    These rules can be changed at any time, so you are responsible for checking them periodically.

    You grant S&B a non-exclusive license to publish all material submitted. For concerns regarding defamation, libel and slander on this forum, please click here to read the law pertaining to these issues.

    • These rules may be changed at any time, without notice.
    • We are not responsible for anything anyone else says or for any damages that may result. You are using these forums at your own risk.
    • Your use of the forum constitutes acceptance of these rules. In other words, if you don't like the rules, please leave.
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