Be Prepared: Snowstorm, Power Outages, Etc.

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    I'm reposting the list of measures that can be taken in the event of an emergency. I asked some time ago for help in adding to the list and in arranging it to reflect different calamities that might befall us here on the mountain. I'll try again to ask for help.
    Below are some of the suggestions and tips in no particular order. If you have any more to add, fire away.
    Don't wait till the last minute to buy that toilet paper, bread and milk smiley-face-whistle.gif
    Applicable to snowstorms, power outages, hurricanes, derechos, floods and other disasters.
    Up on our Big Blue Hill we can't always depend on others to bail us out of trouble.

    Please add your suggestions on measures to take to guard against being caught in an emergency w/o proper supplies and equipment.

    There is a list of emergency numbers in a sticky at the top of General Chat HERE

    Stow equipment after use (folks have stolen snow shovels in the past)
    snow shovel (ergonomic)/scraper/broom Ice chipper
    Ice Melt
    charge cell phones/devices
    manual can opener
    auxiliary light/heat-remember fuel-propane/Kero/wood
    Medicines- Rxs & first aid kit/analgesics, birth control
    Clothing: Warm work clothes, waterproof boots/gloves, Ice cleats
    ready to eat foods (energy bars)
    Clean gutters (prevent ice dams)
    Water-drinking/commode flushing
    Fuel for equipment-e.g. snow blowers
    check on neighbors
    Litter-DO NOT use clumping litter
    Sand (play sand)
    batteries/crank type flashlights/radio
    toys/games for the kids & adults
    Don't forget the pets-food/meds/litter
    For the vehicle: Full tank, chains, washer fluid, wiper blades
    For your "sins" cigarettes, beer, booze, etc.
    matches/grill lighters
    Keep a full larder-In Winter perishables can be stored outside if power fails
    Camera for the boss/supervisor when you're snowed in
    Plan where you might securely park vehicle. Not on someone's lawn etc.
    BBQ grill can serve as a range top
    Keep the heat pump clear of snow
    Can someone add tips if stranded in car on the way to/from home
    Be prepared to stay at work/in a motel. Mountain roads are often impassable
    Have fun with a bonfire (smores) and make snow ice cream
    Keep a full freezer to maintain temp
    List of suggestions where to order chains etc.
    CO detector if using unvented heat sources (gas logs, propane heaters)
    Emergency phone numbers and electronic links
    Extra blankets and comforters
    Cold proof your home NOW
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