Journal Crime Report for 12/6/16

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    Lots of Mountain addresses and things going on this week, as we all know.

    Here are the pertinent parts with Mountain Connections:

    1. CHARLES TOWN — Two Harpers Ferry residents are facing felony charges after allegedly breaking into a home to steal electronics.

    Jesse D. Grove, 18, and Taylor B. Smallwood, 18, both of Beechwood Lane, are alleged to have kicked into a Critter Lane residence Friday and left with jewelry and electronics.

    Grove is alleged to have stolen from the victim before and took an interest in the electronics when he was visiting on Thanksgiving Day, according to court documents.

    The victim, his grandmother, allegedly said he had stolen from her before and had set up video cameras in an attempt to catch him in the act, charging documents state.

    Police say they served a warrant on Grove on Saturday, where he and Smallwood were located in his bedroom with hypodermic needles on the dresser, according to court documents. Grove allegedly confessed to the crime.

    Grove is facing a felony charge of burglary and Smallwood is facing a felony charge of conspiracy to burglary.

    CHARLES TOWN — Three Harpers Ferry residents are in custody on felony charges after police say they were attempting to locate a wanted subject.

    Police say they attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Ranil Don Baddeliyange, 25, of Shenandoah River Drive, on Sunday.

    Baddelinyange was discovered on Campsite Trail with Michael Lawrence Salat, 42, and Brandy Dawn Salat, 41, both of Wild Rose Lane.

    A search of the area they were hiding at allegedly produced 34 grams of suspected crack cocaine, 23 grams of marijuana and a bag containing various pills.

    According to court documents, during the arrest, officers learned the Salats had a 13-year-old daughter who had been left home alone. When asked why they would leave their child alone to go to a drug house, Brandy Salat allegedly said “she’s 13 years old, she’s fine.”

    Baddeliyange and both Salats were arraigned Sunday in Jefferson County Magistrate Court on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine and conspiracy possession with intent to deliver.

    3. Heroin Sale
    Two were arraigned Friday after they allegedly attempted to sell heroin at the Foodway Supermarket near Mission Road.

    Police say they saw Dennis William Lewis II, 19, of Spruce Hill Road, and Brian Dempsey Brady, 21, of Old Cave Road, driving suspiciously near the area without seatbelts.

    The investigating officer inquired why they would avoid him and Lewis allegedly said they were there to buy $20 worth of heroin, according to court documents.

    While the officer was speaking to the duo, a woman came around the side of the store and allegedly said she was there to purchase heroin from them.

    Lewis is then alleged to have admitted to being there to sell heroin and produced a white packet from his hat which contained the suspected heroin, according to charging documents.

    Lewis is charged with a felony count of distribution of heroin and Brady is charged with felony conspiracy to distribute heroin.
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