Contest!!! First 12 inches of SNOW with Fabulous prize!

Discussion in 'General chat' started by KatherineA, Dec 9, 2016.

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    With snow predicted for maybe the next few days, we thought we better get this contest rolling! So, the first person to guess the date of the first 12 inches of snow will WIN this fabulous basket of goodies from Black Dog Coffee Company one of our very first sponsors on S&B!! How fabulous is that!

    The first 12 inches of snow means 12 inches in a single snowfall event and not cumulative throughout this winter season.

    Where will this snowfall be measured?? Well we are still working out the logistics. Locations and measurement methods are being evaluated over the next few days and we hope to have some details SOON. But, hey, you can still get your date posted in this thread. Only ONE date per person. Only ONE person can have the same Date. So, check the thread before guessing (please).

    A photo of the fabulous prize!!


    And No, the prize does NOT include the fabulous man holding the Black Dog Box of goodies.

    The Official Snow Gauge measuring stick!

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