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    Did you know Shannondale had a very active Women's Club for many many years? We have uncovered a plethora of memorabilia about this organization that Willis saved.

    We have photo albums galore, member lists from the 1970 - 2000, we have meeting minutes and many letters responding to the work these women did. Their work ranged from awarding scholarships to contacting Congress about local issues, including, you guessed it, the ROADS. Always and forever the roads have been an issue in this neighborhood. Interesting to know that the more things change the more they remain the same.

    I have added some photos in the media section that are not of the best quality, we hope to be able to scan and/or photograph some of these treasures better in the coming weeks.

    At any rate all of these photos, meeting minutes and letters, will be available at Willis' Memorial Service at the MCC on April 1.

    If you know of any former members who would like a peek at the albums or want to keep any photos, contact me

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