Shepherdstown American Theater Festival 6 new plays

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    These are always really interesting. I urge anyone who hasn't tried it to do so.

    Contemporary American Theater Festival to feature Six New Plays

    CATF's 2017 playwrights give voice to the diverse and vibrant American experience. Their stories will compel you. They will provoke you. They will entertain you. This summer, explore six powerful stories that will stimulate your mind and open your heart, leaving you more empowered than ever before.

    We challenge you to see six plays. To create your ultimate theater experience. To commit to new American theater.

    Join us on Friday, March 24th at the Frank Center for the 2017 Shepherdstown Sneak Peek at 8pm.

    Season tickets on sale Monday, March 27th.
    Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd University
    P.O. Box 429
    Shepherdstown, WV 2544
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