Hit and run, 3/6/17

Discussion in 'Neighborhood Watch' started by shadowplay, Mar 6, 2017.

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    My wife was involved in a hit and run today shortly after 5:00 pm at the Lower Clubhouse/gate 2 intersection. She was traveling south on Mission Rd. and was struck by a vehicle approaching from Lower Clubhouse which failed to stop at Mission Rd. and then crossed the center line of Mission Rd. after doing so. Damage was limited to property. The vehicle fled the scene but an ID of the VA plate checks out as someone who moved from their VA address last year, so perhaps a new resident.

    If you see or know of a forest green '97 Acura DL/TL type vehicle VA plate VLUxxxx with front end driver's side damage any info would be appreciated. Jefferson County Sheriff's office was very responsive and assured us that if located the vehicle will be impounded.
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