Civil War Lecture, Shepherdstown U. The First Front 3/31/17 6-9:00 pm

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    The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War and the Shepherd University History Department keynote address, "The First Front," will be delivered by renowned author and Civil War historian, Daniel Carroll Toomey. The lecture will begin at 6:00pm in the Byrd Auditorium with refreshments to follow. This event is free and open to the public - we hope to see you there!

    "When the Civil War began the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad quickly became the most important railroad in the nation. Located entirely within the state of Maryland and the present day state of West Virginia, it represented the only direct rail link between Washington, DC, and the loyal states. During the first three months of the war the fate of the Nation’s Capital and these two states were primarily determined by the movement of Union soldiers on trains provided by the B&O Railroad. Throughout the war, its destruction was a constant objective of the Confederacy. Dan Toomey will explore this “First Front” concept as presented in Toomey's book, "The War Came by Train: The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad During the Civil War."
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