Good Friday - A walk to the cross

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    Your heart will be encouraged and your spirit uplifted on our "Good Friday Trail Walk" . . . Friday, April 14th beginning at 7:30 pm at Shannondale Springs Chapel. Put your "Trail Walking" clothing and shoes on and be led by Pastor Porky's narration of "Jesus' Journey to the Cross". From the Last Supper to the Crucifixion, Jesus' sacrifice will be portrayed and remembered as we perform a LIVE re-enactment of the time leading to His arrest and death.
    We will send groups of 20 people out every 30 minutes. Each group will be led by Pastor Porky. Flashlights will be given t each person in the group, and the trail will be lit with solar lights; however, please recognize that the path has been cleared within our 5 acre woods and is somewhat physically challenging.
    Drinks and desserts will be served while you wait and/or upon your return from the walk.
    3868 Mission Road
    Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
    (304) 725-8254
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