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    Hey there fellow S&B members! Did you know that we've recently added certain customization options for your personal profile and post tags?

    You can now update your status on via your profile page just like other popular social media sites!


    To update your status, simply click on your name or "screen name" at the top of the forum page where the new posts and new media tabs are located.

    After that just click on profile page and it will bring you to the screen above.

    Other members can also write a post directly to your page and also like and comment on the status you posted.

    To change your custom tag (ie the part under my name that says "avid indoorsman") you follow the same first step as above but instead of clicking on profile page, you just click personal details.


    From this screen you can actually update both your status and your custom title to whatever "appropriate" phrase or term to describe yourself that you choose. (Please remember to keep the status and custom titles as PG as possible as we are a family friendly site.

    Take a moment to check out these features and let us know what you think or if you are having any issues, send them our way as well.

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