Wilderness Center April 22 Earth Day focuses on Children

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    Saturday April 22nd - 10 AM-3 PM - Earth Day

    Family Nature Hike

    The woodlands whisper their secrets during child-initiated exploration. Join Forest School Teacher, Hayley Libowitz, for this special child-focused Nature Hike which will explore FWC's trails, ponds, and streams and encourage children (and their parents) to make their own special connections to the earth. The group will explore ponds and streams, play in the meadow, climb trees, examine leafy treetops and discover the amazing flora and fauna found there. We will hike through the forests of the Blue Ridge, investigate nature, create nature journals, learn how to recognize different trees and types of animals, sing songs, write poems, and connect with our inner wild side.

    A list of what to bring will be emailed to you when you RSVP to Sheila Bach and reserve space for yourself and your child(ren). This program is tailored for children ages 4 to 10. Parents must accompany children ages 4 and 5; children ages 6-10 (and up) may go on this hike without a parent if so desired. However, the parents can also learn from this event!

    If you have never been to the Friends Wilderness Center before, please read our direction on our website: www.friendswilderness.org, and do not rely on GPS unless you have WAZE app.

    Contact Sheila at snbach@earthlink.net or 304.728.4820 to reserve one or spaces and to receive what to bring.
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