Happy Retreat Wine and Jazz Festival June 10 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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    Ticket Prices: VIP – $75

    General admission – $30 in advance/$35 at the gate

    Designated Driver (non-drinking) – $20

    Children 12 & under – free

    VIP ticket holders will have the chance to participate in one of three innovative “virtual” wine tasting classes. The interactive classes will be taught by Simone FM Spinner, MH, CSW, CWE, adjunct professor of wine studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The three classes offered will be Hot Trends In Wine, Wine & Music, and Taste Like A Professional. All classes will be held on the day of the festival in the comfort of our tasting room in the historic mansion. Professor Spinner will present the classes from Boulder online. Six wines will be poured for participants in each class. Each class is limited to 20 participants, first come, first served, so sign up early. Details of each class and how to enroll can be found here. Also, included in the price of the VIP ticket is a commemorative wine tasting glass, a bento box lunch, and admission to the full festival.

    General Admission ticket holders will receive a commemorative tasting glass, free tasting of all wines, great music and access to our food vendors and craft vendors.

    Designated Driver (non-drinking) ticket holders can listen to the great music and will have access to our food vendors and craft vendors.


    Over 50 fine wines will be available for free tasting.


    The bands performing will be The Brooks Tegler Quartet, The Krispy Kat Quartet, and The Apollo Jazz Septet.


    Food vendors will include: The Mediterranean Café, a selection; Pizza Llama, wood fired pizza; caterer Marcia Flanigan, salads, and specially created offerings. For dessert, TheBestCookie.com, Sugar Whipped Bakery and selected chocolates from Appalachian Chocolates.

    Craft Vendors

    Local craft vendors will be exhibiting and selling their crafts.


    Parking will be available on site and at nearby parking lots.

    No Pets

    Pets are not permitted. Service dogs are allowed.
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