World Fair Trade Coffee Day Ten Fold Fair Trade - Harpers Ferry May 13

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    Take a coffee break with Ten Fold Fair Trade for World Fair Trade Day as we celebrate the positive impacts of fair trade!

    Learn about how fair trade makes daily life better for farmers, artisans, consumers, and our planet. Discover how small-scale farmers can reverse global warming through regenerative organic agriculture. Celebrate our mothers as we learn about how our consumer choices can make an enormous change in the lives of our global mothers, their families, and their communities. Be inspired by the great work that many mission-driven companies are doing to support a just economy. Feel confident that when you purchase products from our WFTD partner brands, these ethical businesses put people and the planet before profits. Purchasing their products is a first step towards an ethical and sustainable marketplace.

    Fair trade coffee, tea, treats, chocolate, and stickers will be shared!
    Stickers! Everyone loves stickers!
    Hourly raffle of beautiful fair trade jewelry, housewares, and accessories!
    Free locally grown organic flower for the Mother in your life
    10% of our WFTD sales go to support La FEM, a dynamic female-led cooperative committed to selling quality Fair Trade coffee that supports and promots women`s rights in Nicaragua.
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