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    Just thought I'd rally support for your MCTNR. I adopted a young cat from @Girlyjeep some weeks ago, who had been abandoned by his family. She took him in after his mother rejected him and the family he was with just left him to die. And if not for her, he would have! He was the runt and in very poor health when she got to him. The family seemed interested in taking him back until the vet bill increased to over $100, turning into over $300 before she could even give him a chance at survival.

    Of course, she and her husband grew attached to this kitten. He is like any other; active and sweet, loves to be cuddled but also to play almost endlessly. But that's the thing with being a "cat lady," it's so easy to fall in love with them all. If only there were enough resources to keep and love them all forever.

    Enter me. Very sick, lonely, told I shouldn't have a pet, and now terminal. I said to hell with it and started calling the local shelters. I knew I wanted a kitten or at least a younger cat, but I couldn't find one I liked. They were either too old or not the right fit; too hyper, too lazy or too clingy. But then I contacted MCTNR and got the ball rolling. I visited, picked the one I liked, and waited only a day for her to tell me I had him. Yay!

    And he is the best thing that could happen to me right now. I have purpose again, to care for this little, helpless creature who depends solely on me. Even when I'm stuck in bed with nothing to do, he's here to keep me company. We play, snuggle and he actually likes TV. Go figure?! I talk to him too, and this one can't talk back. He's certainly rambunctious and independent but he also clearly loves his new mama.

    So thank you to MCTNR for lifting my spirits again! I am very grateful!! ♥️

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