BRWC Septic pumping reimbursement program for Mountain residents

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    The Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition is still offering reimbursement for Septic pumping for Blue Ridge Residents. If you have your septic pumped you may mail the paid invoice (make sure your name and address are legible) to: BRWC, Po Box 538, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. We will then submit the invoices for reimbursement from the state. It can take several months depending on the number of invoices we have, but eventually you will receive 1/2 of the cost up to $150.00.

    This program has been going for 4 years now, and we are starting to see some improvements in E-coli levels in our local streams on the Blue Ridge through our monthly water monitoring program. So far 120 homes have taken advantage of the program.

    By fixing some of our problems ourselves, as a community, we negate the need for public sewer on our beloved Blue Ridge. We're all in this together folks! and as always~~~We're all Downstream.

    A copy of the application is attached.

    For more information see the BRWC webpage here:

    Or their Facebook page here:

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