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Discussion in 'Business Classifieds' started by KatherineA, May 5, 2017.

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    With this combination, warm, cool, rain, and more rain, my various lettuce and spinach plantings have all come in at about the SAME time instead of being spaced out a little more.

    Consequently, I am offering mixed salad bags @$5 a bag. The bags are generally equal to the organic lettuce from Martins in the smaller plastic tubs. However, mine is picked the day I deliver or you pick up. Deliveries available in Shannondale for orders of $10 or more

    I also have parsley, some spring onions, some chard (red and green), mints (spearmint and orange mint)

    PM me Thanks!

    18221969_10211829131030915_2216821761442663749_n.jpg 18222031_10211829136071041_9166815585780790964_n.jpg
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