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Discussion in 'Neighborhood Watch' started by KatherineA, May 15, 2017.

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    All day Saturday, there was commotion.

    First, there is always a bird, that I think is a peacock carrying on. It always does a little bit, but Saturday was ridiculous. While the peacock was doing it's thing, there was another animal screaming. It came from Foothill Lane area. It sounded like a cat being tortured. I couldn't find it. Suddenly, it stopped. Yesterday, Sunday, it happened a couple time, then nothing. This morning, around 4-6 am it started again. This time I am thinkingdefinitely a cat. A cat in heat or a male trying to get it on or fight for a female.

    The worrisome thing about this morning was that there were a series of shots, at least 6 and this was not a 22 or a pellet gun. These were heavy shots. It was early this morning and still dark. After the shots mostly silence.

    1. If anyone lives on Foothill or vicinity and is feeding unspayed females for the love of God get it spayed now. If you don't have a trap don't know how contact Mountain Cats TNR here or contact, or contact

    2. If you are feeding an unneutered male for the love of God get him fixed. There is a black tuxedo male that comes from Foothill Lane to my property and wants to fight, screw, and eat in that order. Get him fixed or I will.

    3. If I here that gun in the dark again, I will get up and get a better location for LE and call it in.
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