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    A group of people want to resurrect the MCC Garden in Willis' name. As you all are aware, Willis Nowell was man who held the heart of the mountain in his soul. Through his numerous projects he brought many of us together. Our wish is that we continue to work together in his memory and create a garden space for the community to enjoy.

    Several 4 x 6 boxes have been built that need someone to tend them. (photos below)

    The hope is that people will be interested in gardening for themselves using one of the boxes or some of the available space that does not yet have a raised bed box. People may keep any produce they grow in their own box or share it. It is up to each individual. Our hope is that any excess will be shared between neighbors and friends.

    The boxes should be relatively weed free and not difficult to maintain. We/they plan to line them with paper and then topsoil/compost.

    The garden areas that are not enclosed with a raised bed, honestly, are difficult areas to keep the weeds at bay. However, we have some donated cover cloth and can get more. Also mulching with newspapers and straw works wonders as does diligent tending to a garden area.

    There is an area of strawberries (or maybe two) that are salvageable, some herbs, like a gorgeous rosemary, raspberries that are evolving into a nice patch despite a couple years of neglect.

    Please let me know if you are interested in tending a box and helping with the common areas.

    As a long term goal (maybe next year maybe sooner if the community wants this to happen, we hope to have walkways and a picnic table. The goal is to make this a nice are to relax and tend to flowers, fruit, and vegetables and to meet and work with neighbors.
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