Free Press or State Run Media

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    We have always embraced free press in this country, it is enshrined in our way of life. It helps make America America. Go to repressive countries, and their media is state run (or at least state influenced behind the scenes). We abhor this type of media, and by "we" I mean all Americans. Right?

    Many of us have been scared during Trump's presidency, as we watch him erode systems of checks and balances meant to prevent the abuse of power, designed by our founding fathers. Whether this is undermining the courts, using procedural hurdles in the Senate to pass things without 2/3rds majority, or his constant attack on the "fake news" (which we all know is just anything that portrays Trump in a bad light).

    I have stopped even commenting here on on the failings of his presidency and his attacks on our values, as there are too many and they fall on deaf ears. I can't keep up, and no one listens (and by "no one," I meant those that choose to support Trump without question).

    But Trump's statements about challenging the licenses of fake news sites, specifically in the context of an unfavorable story by NBC, is to me the most overt and obvious attack on our core American values.

    I bring this up to start dialogue and raise awareness. This is something all of us should keep in mind when the "fake news" terms is thrown around. Everyone needs to know what he is doing, while he not so quietly puts all his family and friends in the government, reduces transparency and press briefings, passes taxes to benefit the rich, abuses tax payer money for personal gain, withholds military information that even our allies need, makes divisive statements to keep us all enemies of one another and undermines all systems of checks and balances. These are blatant steps towards the creation of an authoritarian regime.

    If anyone needs "more" evidence that this is occurring, get your head out of the sand.

    Wake up folks. We need to end this now, before he sets a precedent that is followed by future leaders of this country (if there are any). Do not fall for the "fake news" BS, and allow him to legislate our media. Protect our democracy.

    "Fake" liberal news is no different than the likes of FOX. Bias is bias. Get your news from independent media. Do not have this crap spoon fed to you (whether you are on the left or the right).
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