Monarch Watch - September 2017

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    Day 01 - 20170910 (Sunday)
    I saw eight Monarch caterpillars in my milkweed patches today. Eight! I think this is the last brood of the year, but is definitely the most I have seen at any one time.

    Day 02 - 20170911 (Monday)
    Took this picture this morning. They are on the small side, so I can only assume that they hatched fairly recently.

    Here is my assistant.

    Day 04 - 20170913 (Wednesday)

    I took this picture this morning. Not the greatest picture in the world, but I am pretty sure these are the same two as in the previous picture. They decimated the top half of the milkweed plant they are on!

    Day 05 - 20170914 (Thursday)

    More pictures from this morning. I am pretty sure these are still the same two as in the picture down below. The second picture if a close up of the upper left one in the first picture. I think they will need to move on to a second plant soon! I spotted a total of 6 this morning. 4 were good sized and looked like they were growing. The other two still seemed on the smallish side.

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