The "Paradise Papers"-Extra-Legal International Robbery

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    These offshore tax havens may be legal but so was slavery at one time which enriched and created a southern oligarchy. We all pay for the rich to get richer.

    And Donald Trump was right about this when he ran for President:

    And, on another note, these thieves continue to deplete the future of our children through continuous war to benefit themselves. The most recent study shows 6 trillion dollars have been spent and committed in the future to war since 2001.
    One of the tenets of the book 1984 was continuous war to impoverish the population through fear. "War is Peace." In 1947, The War Department which won WW2 became the Department of Defense, a euphemistically changed decision to assuage those frightened about the rise of the military-industrial complex. And neither party is without complicity in this continuous war.
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