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    If you are a current Firefox browser user, and you like the way things are, you might want to hesitate for a moment when you get a pop-up that says an Update is available. And until you dig in and do some research on Mozilla's web site, I strongly urge you not to update your browser.


    The new Firefox Quantum browser (v57x) is out, and everyone from computer geeks to serious IT people around the world are singing it's praises. It's much faster than Chrome or Internet Explorer (I.E) and it's more secure, giving you even better privacy. It has a ton of useful features and the appearance of it can be customized …. right down to the fonts. It automatically adapts to any computing or mobile environment it's loaded on. You can load it on every computer and mobile device --- tablet or telephone --- and it will function the same. You can share bookmarks with the other FF browsers installed on different devices you have, and synchronize all of them at the same time. The same bookmarks you store on your home PC will easily migrate to your smartphone with one click. It can even import and use any current Chrome extensions.

    Now the bad news.

    Firefox Quantum is not compatible with many extensions and add-ons that are important for both functionality, efficiency and security. A lot of people use Firefox because of it's arsenal of free extensions that can make web browsing easier, faster and more secure. And if you are one of them, like me, you'll wait until all those extensions and add-ons have been updated by their publishers before you upgrade to Quantum. About half of my 17 extensions won't work with Quantum yet, so I'm staying with my v 56.0.2 build. If you use a lot of extensions and add-ons, I'd cap it at that build until all of the add-ons and extensions you use are compatible with it.

    But if you're one of those folks who are happy just to have something to cruise the internet with, and you want it to be fast, safe, easy to use and will work on every PC or mobile device you own, then head on over to Mozilla's site and download the new Firefox Quantum. If you use another browser, it will import your current bookmarks from Chrome or I.E. during the install ... if you choose it to do so.

    By default, when you download Quantum, it will look almost exactly like Chrome. This makes it easier for Chrome users to navigate it. Fortunately, you can transform the drab, boring, institutional gray background to different colors and themes. And if you like having a classic menu bar, a right click near the top of the browser will restore it. Then you can start searching for extensions and add-ons like AdBlock, which stops pesky ads that pop up when watching YouTube videos. Or NoScript, which allows you to stop pesky javascripts from downloading tracking cookies and other undesirable critters that want to snoop on you.

    Oh, and after you install Quantum, make sure you un-install Chrome. It's an effective way to tell Google that you're tired of them selling your personal browsing habits to the U.S government.

    An interesting article on the new browser ..........
    Link to the Article is HERE
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