Seasonal Living Challenge for January

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    Hello, neighbors!

    I am the owner of a micro-farm down in Bakerton. My husband Bob and I are getting old and looking for ways to ease the physical labor on the farm, but continue to share its resources and beauty with the wider community. This year we'll begin converting some of the market garden to lavender and bring bees back. I'm pretty excited about that!

    We wanted to welcome you to the farm through our website and the January Seasonal Living Challenge we've created. It's our way of helping people learn how to eat local and seasonal, even in the winter months. Here's the link to the post that explains more about the challenge: The first email comes out on Saturday and focuses on food choices. It has a menu planner and recipes. Enjoy!

    Not up to a challenge to start off the new year? Here are 10 way to create a seasonal life this year, in your own time:

    Happy New Year!

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