What the Heck is going on with PEIA and WV Teachers' Insurance?

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    I've cut and pasted a Facebook Post here from a WV Teacher regarding her insurance through her work as a WV teacher. What the heck! These new go365 requirements are Orwellian to say the least!

    Post by Dottie Planck

    If you are wondering why you are seeing posts on your timeline about wearing red friday to support WV public education or wearing blue on Monday to support WV state workers or posts about funding PEIA, I'd like to explain what is currently happening in my world.

    I've been a teacher in Jefferson county schools for 12 years. Teaching is not just a job for me. It is a passion! A passion that often times has taken over my life. I have also invested of my own personal time and money to establish a working classroom and high quality program of excellence. Even if the world didn't always respect and reward my profession I knew I made a difference. Most days, that was enough to keep plugging through the increasing demands, stress and long hours.

    In the last few weeks WV teachers' lives, along with all state employees, have been shaken to the core. We were first notified that we were required to sign up for a new “voluntary” program called Go365 for our health insurance or be penalized with higher premiums and higher deductibles. This program requires you to earn points within a year period or again be penalized. In order to earn these points you must "jump through hoops" dictated through the program by joining a gym that they approve of, use apps and devices for them to track your steps, exercise, calories and sleep hours and share medical, personal and financial information that they in turn can share with a third party. (SERIOUSLY!)

    After being informed of this, we also became aware that there were many changes being made to PEIA, our health insurance, and that our premiums were increasing (on top of the possible increases with the Go365 program), our benefits were decreasing and our deductibles were increasing significantly. Our insurance premiums would now be based on our total income. So married teachers whose spouses were on their plans would have to include their spouse's pay and teachers who have second jobs, to make ends meet, would pay even more for their health insurance because of their second (or third) jobs.

    This could all be avoided if the legislature would fund PEIA. The money is there! We are 48th in teacher salaries in the United States and that has not changed in over 10 years. Going across the state line would get you an extra $20,000-$25,000 a year easily and now our benefits are being taken away as well.

    There are also currently many bills being presented for approval at the state legislatures that are detrimental to public education and public employees including policies on seniority, personal leave and school vouchers,

    As I said before, this is affecting all state employees including bus drivers, custodians, teacher assistants, secretaries, DHHR workers, state police, state road, and many others. We are in a crisis in this state...a state that I love! [​IMG][​IMG]

    I just wanted to let everyone know what's happening and ask for your support. I ask that you stand united with all state employees! Thank you [​IMG]❤️
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