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    To those of you who have followed the sage advice of yours truly and good old Woody, you haven't installed any 'patches' or Windows updates in January. Woody says it's now time. But Wait! That doesn't mean downloading and installing all the patches. Unless you're having functionality issues with a particular program, it is always best to update only the security updates, which you can get from the Microsuck update catalog HERE (Windows 10 users do not have this luxury. For you folks, it's all or none)

    For more information, and to help keep your computer from taking an unauthorized vacation, please read the following article carefully and completely so that you understand exactly what the deal is..............

    FROM ASKWOODY.COM: The January 2018 patches are now history. Thank heavens.
    I hesitate to say it, but it’s time to take proper precautions, and get the January patches installed.
    Just make sure you don’t do anything stupid, OK?
    Extended definition of “stupid” in Computerworld >>>>>>> Click Woody on Windows.

    Oh....... one more thing. If you have not updated Adobe Flash Player in the past month, you need to do this immediately. Like ...... right now. It's a security issue. Get it straight from Adobe by going HERE and make sure you un-check the 'Optional Offers' before proceeding.

    Also, it is time to update your Java. This is also a security issue. So get it done HERE

    Remember ..... you must update Flash Player and Java for each browser on your machine, whether you actively use it or not. As always, proceed slowly ...... take your time .... and un-check any Optional updates you're pestered with before proceeding, especially Java, since they'll try to install crap on your machine that won't quit. NOTE: Some newer browsers do not support Java, in which case, you will get a prompt when you attempt to install. Java will automatically remove the old version before it installs the new one.

    Isn't safe computing fun ?????? :D
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