GOP Stimulus Plan Will Add More to The Defecit that Obama's Stimulus Package

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    In 2009 only three Republicans voted for President Obama's Stimulus package. The stimulus package was developed to try and get a handle on the economic crisis that was left in the wake of George W. Bush's three unpaid for (and largely unnecessary, and largely still not over) wars, an unpaid for Medicare part D package, and unpaid for and obscene (and unnecessary) tax cuts for the rich.

    Every hypocritical Republican out there shrieked;

    Crying over the evil of "deficits."

    Well, despite the fact that President Obama's stimulus package was an effort to quell the worst recession (dubbed the Great Recession) since the great depression, the GOP balked at the $835Billion dollar stimulus President Obama and his people put together.

    But here we are in the present. And now, the GOP is gushing in adulation at their own magnificence in their stimulus bill that will add more than $1.5 TRILLION to the deficit, despite the fact that the economy, according to Trump, is booming. The GOP plans to spend $1.5 trillion dollars of money they don't have 0n economic stimulus, even though the economy is pretty much kicking ass right now.

    Where is all the feigned GOP outrage at deficit spending now? The GOP is looking to add twice as much to the deficit as Obama did and nary a word, except from maybe Rand Paul.

    It's pathetic and hypocritical. No shame. They have NO shame.

    Republicans never believed in reducing the deficit. They just wanted to bust President Obama's balls.

    Trump is destroying whatever moral compass the Republican party ever had. Actually, Trump is merely exposing that the Republican party NEVER really had any moral compass, but instead, some latent or overt hatred of the first black president.

    Here's an article from the NY Times for reference:

    Here's a Vox article on the same subject:
    The proof is in: Republicans never cared about the deficit
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