Changes in Gyspy Moth Program

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    The SGMC sent letters out last week to everyone in our data base regarding changes in the way we will address gypsy moth/cankerworm problems in the future. The following is the letter that was sent explaining the changes:

    Dear Property Owner:

    The Shannondale Gypsy Moth Committee (SGMC) is pleased to announce that the West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) has completed the Gypsy Moth Egg Mass Surveys this year and no treatment will be needed in Shannondale/RVP/JBF in 2018. The WVDA also found no signs of Cankerworms.

    In the future the SGMC will not take a role in cankerworm monitoring or treatment since there is no state program for this. You certainly have the option however to get together with your neighbors to arrange for treatment if the cankerworms should become problematic again. The SGMC can provide education and share resources to help in your efforts.

    The SGMC will continue to arrange for yearly Gypsy Moth Surveys of Shannondale/RVP/JBF by WVDA. When there is a need for gypsy moth treatment we will advise where the expected areas in need of treatment will be. However, due to current WVDA guidelines, landowners will need to organize, authorize and finance their own spray blocks, which must be a minimum of 50 acres. Again, the SGMC can provide education and the necessary resources to aid you in your efforts.

    If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us at 304-270-6282. Thank You.

    Shannondale Gypsy Moth Committee
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