2/17 Mini Snow Event

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    (6:50pm) The salt and brine laid down by the DOH early this morning and yesterday is doing it's job, but there are a lot of roads that are becoming very slick thanks to a mix of sleet and freezing rain falling. Current temp in KFA is 32 degrees. Well traveled roads are now becoming dicey at best.

    RT.9 Bypass --- Traffic is crawling (people are actually using their heads!) westbound from Chestnut Hill to the Shenandoah River Bridge. All bridges and overpasses are becoming treacherous. LE even called in to have DOH expedite clearing of both Hostler Rd bridge and the River bridge.

    Hostler Rd ---- One 4WD SUV is off the road, stuck. That says it right there.

    Chestnut Hill Rd --- CHR ---- from the 3-Churches to Rt.9, it's slick and any vehicle, including 4WD with 'highway' or ribbed tires will find it slow going. CHR from Keyes Gap Rd to Pipertown is very icy. Use caution.

    Rt.115 from CHR to Hostler --- Should be ready for toboggans within the next hour.
    Rt.115 from Hostler to Mission Ridge ---- Traffic is moving very slowly, as it should. Only tire tracks can be seen.

    Mission Road ---- Icy to Gate One is the only report I have so far. Just drive with a touch of sanity.
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