Adopt-A-Highway 2018 - April 21 - May 5, 2018

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    Please consider helping us cleanup Mission Road and our Friends of Shannondale Springs (FOSS) Adopt-A-Highway spots.

    The FOSS Spots are suitable for children to pick up and include the DNR parking lot at John Brown Farm Road and Mission, the DNR parking lot off Mission by the storage sheds, the DNR parking lot at the DNR River access and the blacktop leading to that lot as well as all mailshed areas on Mission that are OFF Mission (such as Gate 1 Mail Shed and Gate 2 Mail Shed)

    Mission Road is suitable for adults only to pick up.

    As you all hopefully?? may have noticed Mission Road is very trashy this year. Picking up about a mile section takes about an hour and at most 2 hours. Depending on the amount of trash thrown out by trashy people.

    We have 2 weeks to complete the cleanup to keep our Adopt-A-Highway Designations.

    Please consider finding an hour to clean up a or a couple FOSS areas or a mile of Mission Road

    Gloves, Bags, and litter grabbers are provided.

    We also have some nifty little flashlights as give-away gifts for those who participate.
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