I need a Yoga student! For a private class to meet a 300 hour Teacher Training Requirements

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    I am completing the requirements for 300 yoga teacher training. I completed the requirements and received my 200 hour certificate in 2017.

    Before September, I must teach a private class - to a student. The class is free to the student

    This class may be beginner level, or any level. It can be what you the student would like it to be. For example, it can be restorative, it can be yin yoga, it can focus on hip opening, it can focus on balance, it may be chair yoga, a beginner class, intermediate class, etc.

    The class would take approximately 75 minutes. There would be a time before the class that we would meet and talk about what the student would like to recieve from the class.

    The downside?? I need to tape the class and hand in the video tape that would be viewed only by my teacher training teachers. It would not be made public in anyway.

    Any takers?
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