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    WE have cats!! Thats not part of the T(trap) N (neuter) R (RETURN) that we stand for. BUT in our defense I doubt many people could return a kitten or super friendly cat back to an environment that is not good for any living creature.

    Hence our dilemma

    We currently have 15 adoptable cats, down from the 20+ we had just a few months ago. Some we have had for almost a year.

    Frank, the one eyed FIV+ guy was the most surprising to be adopted, I thought he would hangout for the rest of his natural life. BUT that changed last month when a lady, who came to see him, saw his layed back attitude and his huge gentle giant size. She wanted him and the process began. We were thrilled. I normally am a cry baby when they leave, but I was so very happy for Frank, not a single tear was shed.

    KB, the sweet buff boy with cross eyes, was a different story. he greeted me every day, lay down for belly rubs and would damn near trip me to get some attention. He went to a vets office, who we have partnered with, to hopefully find his forever home.

    3 cats who have been with a foster family for about 8 months, also are finally going to homes. 2 were siblings that we have had since they were 3 days old. They are going to the same home which is ideal!! The other one is a beautiful but shy girl who was rescued from an outdoor situation that had way too many cats to care for.

    Then we have the cats from Shannondale. We trapped 14 cats from an older ladies house and got them all spayed and neutered. One of these cats was so very sick, she didnt make it. The 3 kittens we have are up for adoption (Sunshine, Rascal, Creamsicle) Five of the more feral ones went to a barn location in Kearneysville and one (Socks) was adopted right away. So we still have 4, plus the 3 kittens, looking for forever homes. Not all are 100% socialized but we are working with them. Some could be outdoor cats if given the proper shelter, food, water and attention.

    For more information and pictures please search "Mountain Cats TNR" on Petfinder.

    Thank you to our loyal donors, this can not happen without a village of support.

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