Trump doesn't want to clean up wars, he just wants to start them

Discussion in 'National Issues' started by Stonewall, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Trump, the ignorant swine that he is, is rescinding the US promise of money to help Syrian people recover from a brutal war that is still raging, which is backed by his murderous soulmate Putin.

    Trump freezes $200M in Syria recovery funds: report

    What is even worse, and is not covered in the above linked story, is that Trump plans to pull US troops out of Syria, where they have been fighting with the Kurds against ISIS, which has been a roaring success. Trump will allow the US's loyal ally; the Kurdish resistance (the YPG and JPG) to be eradicated by his best bud Putin, who fully backs Assad's genocide of Syrian and Kurdish people. This genocide is also being perpetrated by Turkey, who sees Kurds having autonomy as a loss of Turkish land and political power. (Turkey is using US bombs and airplanes to murder our Kurdish allies, by the way.)

    Trump is disgusting. He won't help our allies fighting ISIS, he won't help those brutalized by war, buy he acts like a big swinging dick when talking all big and tough about starting a nuclear war with NK.

    Isn't it convenient that Trump is pulling out of a country where Putin is bombing and murdering civilians with impunity, the same civilians that the US was fighting alongside and protecting?

    Absolutely shameful.
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