Young Perspecives Art Show March 28th through April 30th South Jefferson Public Library

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    The South Jefferson Public Library is pleased to announce “Young Perspectives,” a student art exhibition curated by South Jefferson Elementary art teacher, Sarah DeAnna.

    The exhibit will be on display from March 28th through April 30th of this year. This is the 76th exhibit in the Art in the Library series to highlight the talents of local artists and can be viewed in the meeting room during library.

    The library is open: Monday through Thursday 10-7, Saturdays 10-5, and Sundays 1-5.
    The library is closed Fridays. A reception will be held on Sunday, April 15th, from 2PM to 4PM in the Library Meeting Room to enable the public to meet these young artists.

    “Young Perspectives” will include a variety of artwork, all created from the unique perspectives of students at South Jefferson Elementary School. “Young Perspectives” is brought to South Jefferson Public Library as a celebration of the talented and hardworking students that attend SJES. Several student artworks from grades kindergarten through 5th have been selected for “Young Perspectives.” Many of the art pieces portray animals or elements from nature, as Nature was selected for the SJES, schoolwide theme this school year.

    Mrs. DeAnna is an art education graduate from Shepherd University, who began teaching at South Jefferson Elementary during the 2016-2017 school year. In addition to teaching elementary art, DeAnna instructs arts & crafts at a children’s summer camp in West Virginia. During the 2017-2018 school year, DeAnna received the Teaching Arts Creatively Grant, which will fund a large-scale installation of student art journals at the Potomac Valley Audubon Society’s Cool Spring Preserve in late April.

    South Jefferson Public Library
    49 Church Street
    Summit Point, WV

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