Harpers Ferry Hilltop Update

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    A group of residents from Bolivar and Harpers has been created to show support for the Hill Top Hotel project called 'Make it Happen". They recently sent a letter to the Harpers Ferry Town Officials and SWaN & Legend Venture Partners to share their intentions. Attached is a copy of the letter.

    "In the coming days and weeks, you are likely to hear "Make it Happen!" quite often, and we'd like to share with you what that phrase means to us.

    We are residents of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar and part of a growing group committed to raising up many voices--of residents of both towns and Jefferson County; of Harpers Ferry property owners, merchants and business owners; of visitors and proud supporters of the Town—all needing to be heard regarding the Hill Top House Hotel project. We are excited and pleased by the concept presented by SWaN on April 10th that in large part reflects the wishes of the community. We hope that together we can erase and replace the sad, dilapidated historic hulk on the hill overlooking such a beautiful view."
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