Frontier phone problems (especially when it rains?)

Discussion in 'Help/Questions' started by Chele, May 31, 2018.

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    From Chat - May 31
    kpb76: I am experiencing problems with my Frontier phone service. Is there an outage? Anyone else in the area having issues?

    cindylu: @kpb76 - I have Frontier for phone and internet...I live down gate 4 and no problems.
    Chele: @kpb76 - Yes. We have Frontier for phone (two land lines), but not Internet. Service has been out or intermittent since at least Tuesday. (Will put your question and this response in a thread.)


    I went looking for an old thread and found one from 2004-2016, which is probably relevant. Starting a new thread since that one cannot be updated, but here it is:

    I was glad to find that, because although I had a vague recollection of our 2016 land-line problems, I'd forgotten that they were essentially the same as now, chiefly the no-dial-tone or buzz-instead-of-dial-tone and incoming-calls-ring-only-once, and that the probable reason for them turned out to be... a lot of rain! Other things remain the same, as well, like calling on May 30 and being given a "we'll send a tech" date of June 8, and also being told that a remote test from customer service shows "no problem on the line."
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