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    While listening to the drama and mayhem of water rescues and capsized kayaks on Sunday, my neighbor didn't let the downpours spoil our usual Sunday food fest for the NASCAR race. My plan was to smoke some marinated chicken breasts. But my neighbor had other plans, so I wrapped them in plastic and we'll do that another night. Instead, they prepared a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and I dusted up some chicken legs with a dry rub and some BBQ beans.


    The bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin looked too good to even take it out of the smoker.......................


    It's all about low heat and slow convection roasting (good things are worth waiting for) .........


    (We just took the meat out. Only the beans were left in the smoker. We finished those at 325F)

    And that tenderloin was as juicy as it looked ...............


    If you've been thinking about buying a 'traditional' grill, forget it. Snag a Traeger. It's worth the extra loot. Believe it!​

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