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    Yessireeee, the KFA Distillery has just turned out a new batch and flavor of hooch. My next door neighbor cranked up the Still today and produced 4 quarts of some very fine Cantaloupe 'shine.'



    Yup. Used almost no sugar to make the mash since Cantaloupe is full of sugar to start with. Just a few spoonfuls of Turboyeast and six days in the basement, run through a sieve, then unceremoniously poured into the distilling device.

    The result?

    Well, it didn't taste like chicken.

    Yea, it was Cantaloupe. The high sugar content of the fruit kept the proof down to 140 for the first three quarts, then a little under 130 on the last quart. No burn. Smooth as silk.

    Unfortunately, the KFA Distillery is not open to the public. And, due to legal reasons, none of it's products are available for sale. :argh:

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