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Discussion in 'General chat' started by Samantha, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Feb 25, 2018
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    Hello, wasn't sure if there was an introduction thread sorry if posting in the wrong place.

    Just wanted to say hello. We just moved to Shannondale off of gate one from Manassas, VA. Been here about two months. Our 3 boys (8, 4, and 2) are really enjoying their new life in the country. Everyone we've met has been really welcoming and kind. We already know more people here than we ever did back in Manassas.

    I'm curious about the community center. I tried to visit once and it was locked I think. Are there only certain days and times that it's open? Just trying to get to know the community a little better.

    Took my boys to the lake last weekend and they had so much fun. I was glad to see they opened up the beach.

    Thanks for adding me to the forum :)
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