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    Two important pieces of software need updating if you use a Windows computer. Regardless of the Windows version, both Java and Adobe Flash Player need to be tended to as soon as possible, as both updates include critical security fixes.

    Flash Player must be updated on each browser installed on your computer. Each. Browser. Installed. Whether you use that browser or not.

    Java must be updated with Internet Explorer. Some x64 Firefox versions don't use Java. Ditto Chrome. But since Java is also a system file that other programs use, it has to be updated. It will uninstall the old version automatically, while installing the new version.

    Always download Java and Adobe Flash direct from the sources: www.java.com & www.adobe.com
    (For Flash Player & Shockwave Player, scroll down to the bottom for download links)

    Don't forget to UN-CHECK :nono: any optional offers before downloading or installing.
    If you get a prompt regarding updates from Adobe, always check the 'Notify' button. Do not check the automatic update option.
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