How Often Do You Hear the Media Say That Republicans Must Tack to the Center?

Discussion in 'National Issues' started by Stonewall, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I'm so sick of reading that the Democratic party is too far left and that to win elections it must tack to the right. Just yesterday, I heard it again from Jimmy Carter, (someone I consider to be a very moral and respectable man). Frankly, I'm chalking up Carter's statement to him being ancient and relatively out of touch. ( I apologize for my ageism.) Usually the sentiment is from center-right leaning mainstream media pundits and op-ed writers. However, many are from awful right leaning rags like the National Review or the American Spectator or The Washington Times, all terrible news sources with awful, awful writing, (not that I have much more respect for the writing capabilities of many journalists from other news outlets, but I digress).

    I read at least a half a dozen of these stories a year. But never once, EVER, have I read a piece that says that the batshit crazy extreme zealot Republican party must tack left. Ever. Not once.

    And the fact of the matter is that the Republican party has been steering hard-hard right for nearly as long as I can remember, becoming so emboldened that they feel the right to dredge up the most extreme right leaning ideas and force them down the throats of the American populace. Their propensity for forcing their religion on everyone, even non-believers, is probably the greatest example, but there are so many others; unbridled capitalism, tax cuts for the rich, disregard for a woman's autonomy over her own body and health, reproductive rights, contraception, education, the ten commandments in schools and government buildings, dismantling the social safety net, economic austerity for the middle and lower classes, perpetual war for peace, privatizing the government. The list is endless.

    And the fact of the matter is, that besides Bernie Sanders, there hasn't been hardly one unabashedly progressive Democrat in the national spotlight, and his progressive ideas, in my opinion, if plotted on a horizontal line with equal ticks on both sides from the center, Bernie, as progressive as his democratic-socialist ideas are nowhere near as far to the left on that horizontal line as nearly every single Republican is to the right on that horizontal line. That is to say the one nationally spotlighted Democrat with pretty leftist ideas is nowhere near as far left as nearly every Republican is to the far right.

    The establishment Democratic party has been tacking right for decades. Hell, even President Obama recycled a republican health care plan and then added his name to it; Obamacare and totally disregarded single-payer to appease those whom relentlessly repeat the "the left must tack right" mantra. The establishment Democratic party has been drinking that kool-aid for a while now, and you know what, that's why we got Hillary Clinton, a politician despite what her detractors say, is staunchly hawkish on many conservative issues, the economy and war are the two biggest. That's why we got Trump... (ugh!)

    If I never read or hear one more story saying that the already wishy-washy, watered down, bank shilling democratic party needs to tack right, I'll be a happy man.
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