New Round of Hate Speech Pamphets

Discussion in 'Neighborhood Watch' started by KatherineA, Sep 16, 2018.

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    From the Jefferson County Sheriff

    There has been some hate speech materials distributed in the County mostly near Shepherdstown. It's the same type of material that has been distributed over the years across the four state area. We regret this occuring in our communitiy and know if we find illegal action will be be taken.

    Areas have been primarily by Shepherdstown, Breckinridge, Gaps View,
    Maddex Farm neighborhood.

    Per Sheriff Office
    “The Consitution and laws allow stupid and hateful things to be said and printed. As long as it does not infringe upon my lawful rights and does not overstep there is little law enforcement an do expect to note we do not support any hate speech.”
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