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    Come see us and a few of our adoptable cats and kittens

    WHERE-Tractor Supply, Charles Town
    WHEN- Saturday September 29th 2018, 8AM -11AM

    Featuring Daze and Weezy, the pair of one eyed kittens who survived despite a very very horrible beginning. Very playful solid gray female kittens. Would love if they could be adopted together.

    Miss Maggie- a shy but sweet young female cat. Came from a large Shannondale colony. Maggie will stand on her back legs so you can reach to pet her. Dark tabby female with some orange highlights

    Blue- Was dumped off as a younger male cat with a Blue collar. As he grew the collar didnt and he was choking to death by the tightness. No one took the collar off. He is all recovered and very healthy and friendly orange male.

    Baboo-Also from the same large Shannondale colony as Maggie, he is a very personable guy. Loves attention and will bite at you if you try to stop. Does ok with some cats and is aggresive to others. He is a guys cat!! He owns the world. Dark Tabby male.

    Look for more adoption events coming soon
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