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    Its been a little slow around MCTNR.

    Not that there are any less requests for help, but we have been having trouble with our volunteers. A few have health issues, some working many jobs and just have no time anymore, to be honest not many people care to help unless money is involved and we have no money!

    The number of cats we have to care for has gone down dramatically. We had over 26, now care for 11. Of those 11, only a few are adoptable, the rest may need that special person that will work with them or just accept that they are not cuddle cats. We have also realized we may have these "problem" cats for their lives. This is not what we planned when starting Mountain Cats TNR. It was never the intention to keep cats, but here we are.

    We can always use donations to help with food, litter, medical attention (when needed). And of course to help with the TNR. We still take 5-6 cats weekly to get spayed/neutered, rabies and distemper shots. Its costly and it has become evident we will not be able to keep this up without donations.

    Please consider helping us help the cats and future spay-neuter clinics.

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