Kick-off Event in Ranson Nov 14 For Walkers/Runners

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    A Kick Off Event to highlight the indoor walking programs will be held Wednesday, November 14 from 5-6pm. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, physician with Jefferson Medical Center and nationally recognized speaker on health and physical activity, will do a presentation on Walking for Health. Two Rivers Treads, JCCOA, Jefferson Activities Group and WVU Medicine will have information available. There will be give aways, free blood pressure checks and much more!

    Ranson Walks is a collaborative program brought to you by Ranson Parks and Recreation, WVU Medicine and Jefferson County Committee on Aging (JCCOA). Ranson Walks includes indoor walking at the Ranson Civic Center, 432 W. 2nd Ave in Ranson, walking programs offered by the JCCOA and a Mile Marker Program to track miles walked.

    (Above was copied/pasted from Facebook posting by Sandy D.---thank you Sandy!)

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