To understand life expectancy fall, start in West Virginia

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    Comment: It is not a coincidence that the income inequality and declining opportunity to improve one's socio-economic station in life have contributed to the "diseases of despair" stated above, and the health consequences of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. that arise from a sense of a bleak future and a lack of purpose. Why care when nothing will get better.

    College is priced out of reach for many in poverty or on the lowest rungs of income. Minimum wage has become wage slavery for many others, and a living wage is not at $15/hour for many others. "How do you pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you do not even have boots!" How do you get enough to eat of the most nourishing food when many places are food deserts or the cheapest food is the most fattening.

    We have gone beyond admonishing people "to get over it" and condemn them as morally deficient according to the protestant work ethic which has pervaded this country since its founding. A new way of thinking is needed before the future becomes out of reach for the many.
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