Silent Film: 'The General' 12/29

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    This coming Saturday, December 29, make the short drive to Frederick and enjoy the final film of the 2018 Silent Film Series at the Weinberg Center. “The General,” (which was shown at this theater in 1927) starring Buster Keaton, is a fun film to watch. Keaton does all his own stunts, some of which are downright harrowing. The digital restoration of the film is perfect. Accompanied by the 'mighty' Wurlitzer theater organ, watching a silent movie in this grand, Victorian 1920's movie house is a trip back in time. Save for modern light fixtures above the stage, you will be watching the same movie, hearing the same organ, and sitting in the same theater and surroundings your grandparents or great-grandparents might have experienced in the roaring twenties.

    The real 'star' of the show is the theater organ itself. Although a small installation, the sound that comes from that instrument is impressive. It's loaded with mechanical sound effects and real tuned percussion instruments, allowing one person to loosely imitate an orchestra. The volume levels range from a barely audible violin to a jolting trumpet blast. (The loudest pipe on the trumpet rank is 6-feet high). The stereo effect is especially thrilling. Different pipes ranked between the left and right chambers make for a visceral, exciting sound. You'll be listening to strings and reeds in the left chamber, while trumpets and trombones blast from the right... and at different volume levels that change with the organist moving the sound in different directions. Percussion, sound effects, and a pleasing vibration of bass emanate from both chambers.

    The show starts at 7 pm. But get there early to enjoy a drink (they have a liquor bar) in the Grand Lobby, admire the 1926 Victorian architecture and motif, and get good seats in the middle of the first 15 rows --- where you get the best effect from the organ, as well as the movie screen. Parking is a breeze; there is a parking deck right next door. After (or before) the show, make plans to have dinner in downtown since you are less than a block from Market Street, where you can walk to plenty of diverse restaurants, bars, micro-breweries, antique and specialty shops, and enjoy Frederick's vibrant nightlife.

    A one-minute preview and soundtrack of the theater organ at the Weinberg:

    Tickets available at the Door. Adults: $7, Kids & Seniors $5. All seats general admission.
    Directions HERE

    See You There!
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