3 Ingredient Chicken

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    1) Chicken Thighs
    2) Old Bay
    3) Stick Butter

    1) Pre-heat over to 350 deg. F.
    2) Generously sprinkle Old Bay over all sides of the chicken thighs.
    3) Separate the skin from the meat to form a "pocket" between the skin and meat.
    You may be able to do this with your fingers, but a sharp knife sure does help!
    4) Inserts a thin patty of stick butter into the pocket.
    5) Cook in the over until internal temperature reaches 155 deg. F.
    (About 30 min. for my oven)
    6) Pull chicken from oven and put under heat / melting dome to rest.
    7) Allow chicken to rest for about 10 min.or so.
    The chicken will continue to cook and should reach an internal temperature of about 165 deg. F. Use a temperature probe to be sure!
    8) Eat!

    1) Not the healthiest chicken in the world, but TASTY!
    2) I am not totally 100% sure about the skin texture. I may need to work on that part a bit.

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